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24K Gold Mask


  • Superior 24 Carat Gold Mask Treatment you apply yourself
  • Gold Mask yields amazing anti-aging results
  • Do it yourself treatment
  • Trained skin professional onsite to aid and support you

That glow that you have been seeking for your skin is waiting for you at the Sugar Spa. We give our clients the power of gold at their fingertips as they administer their own healing gold mask facial therapy at a fraction of the cost of an esthetician’s treatment. The 24K gold is a proven treatment for adding radiance to skin, while tightening and firming, energizing and hyper hydrating to restore a youthful appearance. For years, gold formulas have proven to reduce stress related lines and wrinkles, firm and hydrate skin, stimulating collagen production and resulting in a radiant complexion. Lavish, top of the line facials at an affordable price are what Sugar Spa is all about, created for those who are proactive with their beauty regimen.

Reduces stress related lines and wrinkles

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You will be Amazed by the Transformation!

  • Superior 24 carat gold in a mask facial for at home use
  • Do it yourself gold mask facial you can apply yourself at home
  • 24 carat gold for a facial that gives your skin the kind of pampering you value as part of anti aging therapies
  • Highest level of success in anti-aging therapies available today

Sugar Spa Meets All Your Expectations

  • Sugar Spa is the latest revolution in superior spa experiences
  • A visit to Sugar Spa is simple, effective and fun
  • Application of your own beauty therapies range from specially designed mask facials, amazing high tech teeth whitening to LED technology for younger looking skin
  • Revolutionary light emitting diode (LED) in red and blue is tailored to meet your specific needs for beautiful skin.
  • Awesome spa experience for a fraction of the cost of estheticians, dental professionals or expensive salon visits
  • Low cost membership plans that everyone can afford and that include lots of perks
  • A wide array of choices for treatments
  • An impressive collection of beauty products for take home use